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Read the backstory of RDU Vision 2040, Lake Crabtree County Park, Old Reedy Creek Rd, and what's currently proposed for development on these lands.

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Be part of the effort to preserve RDU Forest! Here are some of the most effective things you can do right now to help the effort.

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We are a broad coalition of residents, organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs working towards a better vision for the non-aviation use of RDU Airport land.

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What is RDU Forest?

RDU Forest encompasses one of the most popular forested trail networks in the Triangle.  For decades it has been used by hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers, scouts, and nature education programs.  It is the largest, and only centrally located mountain bike trail network in the Triangle. About 50% of all mountain bike rides in the Triangle include one of the trails in RDU Forest!  It is comprised of the Lake Crabtree County Park trail system and other trails on RDU airport property adjacent to Umstead State Park.

What makes this so special and worth preserving?

  • Central - accessible for everyday use by residents and employees of the Triangle without having to drive to the ever-expanding edges of our thriving metro area.
  • Connected - serves as a hub in the Triangle's extensive greenway network.
  • Dirt - while we have excellent greenways in the Triangle, we have very few natural surface trails.
  • Beautiful scenery - lakes, Crabtree Creek, boulders, hilly topography.